Our commitment to the local community in which we serve extends beyond our support to various worthy charities but also forms part of the Lake Smith & Partners culture of caring for those in need. Through a hands on approach by our staff, together we uplift our community.



Ensuring that young children develop into their full potential, we support TREE (Training and Resources in Early Education), an organisation devoted to early childhood development by offering children in KZN programmes and skills development that promote nutrition, building toys and encourage early learning through play.

We have partnered with TREE by identifying several ‘HUBS of EXCELLENCE’ where we set up gardens to encourage healthy living and promoting nutrition and crafts and toy making using recycled materials to encourage creativity and sustainability.

There are currently 4 TREE centres and 27 training sites across KZN, which support over 1400 Early Childhood Development (EDC) sites. To date, they have reached more than 52000 children, trained 1424 EDC practitioners and built 7 toy libraries in 2 years.


Our annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign see’s charities such as Reach for Recovery and Highway Hospice benefiting from our campaign. In support of Breast Cancer awareness month, we donate 10% of all mammography examination fees done in October to these dedicated organisations involved in the care and support of breast cancer patients. By sowing directly back into our community, we believe we are making a difference in the fight against Breast Cancer.